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mikana78's Journal

12 November 1978
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Unique - original – unusual – sexy - abnormal – strange – weird - tease –confused – odd – lost – bewildered – battered – unbathed –ugly - buck teeth - no sense of humor – missing brain – made of straw – of to see the wizard - and then some.
What u call an acquired taste!

My time hanging with my friends is the most precious to me. I was told I had 6 months to live by over re-acting Dr when I was 18 and have felt like I was on borrowed time since. Even though my illness has passed I still believe that our time on earth is meant to mean something, and we will not find that meaning hiding from ourselves. (Long story short, You will die – ENJOY LIFE)

I’m open, honest and sincere with a good heart. I treat my friends like human beings and get on well with kids of all ages. My friends are as diverse as my taste in music and range from 2 to 80. Although I have many friends, I have few that I am close too. I have serious trust issues and find it hard to be close to people I do not know. I do not like pity and will not except it from anyone. I am quiet but can be too open or forward when asking u questions or when answering your questions for some people to handle, and there 4 can get into trouble quite often. My outgoing personality is usually subdued by my rampant shyness.